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We want our Armenian TV
Saturday, 03 April 2010 14:45

Armenia-They_Shall_Not_Perish16% of the Hollywood district are Armenian-Americans and they are mounting a campaign for Time Warner Cable to carry Horizon Armenian TV. Armenian newspaper Albarez, publishing since 1908, has launched a petiton campaign. Vicken Sosikian, General Manager of the Armenian Media Network, Horizon’s parent company, has enlisted community organizations, churches, schools and centers to urge their members and affiliates to sign a petition beginning "I support Horizon and consider it a reflection of my community and an important source of Armenian news, reporting, and information. I look forward to watching it through Time Warner.”

     TWC pioneered switched digital video in Los Angles and across their network. SDV allows virtually unlimited channel choices, so the technology is ready. 26% of Glendale is also Armenian-American and a third of the half million A-A's in the U.S. are in the Los Angeles area. Verizon FiOS in California has been reaching out for community programming, and Time Warner should do the same. 


      I tuned in Horizon TV on the net. They were running a talk show that appeared no more boring than most talk shows. By definition, the audience for a "niche" station is small, but the Armenian U.S. community is passionate about their cause. 

      Large carriers typically aren't ready to take advantage of their SDV capabilities because they lack an easy interface and smooth procedure for groups like this to sign up. That's worth solving.