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Alcatel: Vectoring in the wild
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 17:55

 3 customers, 15 trials complete. Alcatel's first to the field with announced deployments at Belgacom and Telecom Austria. Stefaan Vanhastel writes

" - we now have 3 customers: Belgacom, Telecom Austria pilot deployment in Korneuburg, + 1 other tier-1 in Europe (not yet public)

- we expect more customer announcements in the next 3-6 months

- we have 15+ trials completed, and many planned. (trials not only in Europe and NAR, but also in the Middle East, Latin America, and APAC)"

   In the lab, vectored noise cancellation (John Cioffi's DSM Level III) doubles speeds on short loops. Those results are common but not universal in the trials, with lots of issues everyone is working hard to resolve. 

   Until large carriers invest in more remote terminals and updating the networks, only a very few lucky customers will get vectored speeds.