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Middle of England: DSL live speeds of 80-120 megabits
Monday, 23 April 2012 08:57

origin turtleOrigin Broadband, in Sheffield and Doncaster, is installing their own field cabinets and published actual data from their first installs. Many customers are getting actual speeds of 80+ megabits down and 20+ megabits up, depending on how close they are to the cabinet. Origin's prices range from about $28 for 24 down, 2 up to Origin Max, as fast as they can get you, for less than $60. Install fees are a little high, $85-$120. 

   Neil Hart writes me "It's an initiative part funded by the EU and the city councils in the area. It doesn't rely on BT infrastructure (except the wire to the home) and is entirely independent. We are able to offer all of our customers a service free of any restrictions, limits, caps, contention or fair usage policies. We are a local company set up by local entrepreneurs determined to do things differently to the big players. We can offer speeds of up to (and in some cases over) 100mb."


Distance to Cabinet

147 m 106 Mbps 22 Mbps
171 m 121 Mbps 27 Mbps
183 m 98 Mbps 9 Mbps
245 m 104 Mbps 21.6 Mbps
248 m 107 Mbps 27 Mbps
269 m 98 Mbps 27 Mbps
392 m 81.5 Mbps 19.8 Mbps
416 m 96 Mbps 30 Mbps
490 m 76 Mbps 24.2 Mbps
612 m 56 Mbps 22 Mbps
857 m 32 Mbps 8.5 Mbps
1372 m 22 Mbps 1.7 Mbps


Andrew Ferguson, who does outstanding work at ThinkBroadband, also provided this summary of the predicted speeds of VDSL2 profile 17a. He notes "these figures look low compared to the real world figures" from Sheffield. The Origin customers are amng the first to be connected on new cabinets. As more customers are added, the additional interference will probably reduce speeds. 

Distance to cabinet (metres)Estimated connection speedCumulative%'age premises at this distance
100m 100 Mbps 5%
200m 65 Mbps 20%
300m 45 Mbps 30%
400m 42 Mbps 45%
500m 38 Mbps 60%
600m 35 Mbps 70%
700m 32 Mbps 75%
800m 28 Mbps 80%
900m 25 Mbps 85%
1000m 24 Mbps 90%
1250m 17 Mbps 95%
1500m 15 Mbps 98%

Ferguson's data suggests that 85% of Brits will be able to get 25+ megabits if BT deploys to their cabinet. If Britain ever gets things together in standards to allow vectoring, results may be even better. 

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