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40 Gigabit WDM PON from LG-Ericsson
Written by Dave Burstein   
Saturday, 12 February 2011 02:01
The original of this article  was a huge error based on my misreading the press release. This is a 1.25 Gig WDM PON, with 32 wavelengths, not  40G per wavelength. 10 GPON is nothing compared to the 320 gigabits (8 colors) or 640 gigabits (16 colors) promised by LG-Ericsson's 40 Gigabit "wave division multiplexed" PON, literally enough to serve a medium-sized country today.  Phil Winterbottom of Ericsson contends that kind of capacity "will become essential in applications like mobile backhaul for LTE," but each individual 40G wavelength is enough to support 200 cell sites at double the 100 megabits today provisioned.  Especially because 40 gig wavelengths typically require expensive "coherent detection" gear, the cost will be high enough this seems to me a narrow niche product.  I think this product is being announced "because they can" rather than because they expect to find a market. Sure is impressive, however. 

     WDM PON has been next year's technology for almost a decade, with the Korean government a long time supporter.  The technology is proven but they haven't been able to beat the remarkable drop in GPON costs. Outside of a government promoted 150K users at Korea Telecom, few systems have been sold.  Standard telco PON splits a single wavelength as many as 32 ways.  WDM PON dedicates a wavelength to each customer.  When Verizon began deployment of FiOS in 2003, they used BPON which was 512 meg down split 32 ways and even less on the upstream. Korea Telecom at the same time was considering a large WDM PON deployment that would have delivered a solid 100 meg in both directions. But Samsung and other vendors were not willing to bring the price down enough.      TDM GPON is 2.4 gig down shared, and now 10 gig is starting to ship from Alcatel and Huawei. WDM offered 1 gig to each customer and now 40 gig.  LG is the world leader, initially working with Nortel to find customers in the West. Ericsson took over  Nortel's role and now is positioning the technology away from the fiber home market.     

 What would you do with a 40 gig connection?

The release and other information from Ericsson:

Ericsson adds 40 Gbps WDM-PON to its portfolio
Feb 8, 2011 Categories: Industry, Portfolio
  • Ericsson surpasses 10 Gbps TDM PON by launching 40 Gbps WDM-PON
  • A solution which enhances LTE mobile backhaul and enterprise connectivity
  • Ericsson continues its next generation PON investment through joint venture with LG-Ericsson

Ericsson today launched its EA 1100 platform, adding Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON) capabilities to its Deep Fiber Access solution. The EA 1100 platform is a result of its joint venture with LG-Ericsson and now part of Ericsson’s WDM PON offering.

"Ericsson’s investment in WDM-PON isn’t just to beat any PON speed records but to address high value applications demanded by our customers." said Phil Winterbottom, Head of Product Line Broadband Access, Ericsson. "We envision the world moving towards 50 billion connected devices in 2020 and as connection speeds continue to increase, technologies such as WDM-PON provide the high-speed connectivity that will become essential in applications like mobile backhaul for LTE."

"Ericsson’s WDM-PON adaptation brings exciting possibilities to our industry-leading technology," said Jae Ryun Lee, Chief Executive Officer, LG-Ericsson. "WDM-PON solutions are already providing service connectivity for subscribers around the globe and Ericsson's worldwide channel will bring 40Gbps WDM-PON solutions to the world's most progressive telecommunications providers."

WDM-PON solutions provide simple colourless technology for easy network installation, minimal sparing and maintenance while maintaining the point-to-point paradigm that operators utilize today. The carrier-grade Ethernet-based EA 1100 platform with WDM-PON technology provides the ideal combination of scalability and reliability for enterprises, mobile backhaul and other applications requiring symmetrical gigabit Ethernet connectivity.



WDM-PON is gaining industry recognition as the technology-of-choice for next generation access solutions. Service providers are recognizing that next generation Business and Residential services and Access Infrastructure for Mobile backhaul are essential markets to obtain new revenue and be competitive in maintaining existing and attracting customers. With a rich set of features including higher bandwidth, security and scalability to FTTH/FTTB/FTTP applications, the WDM-PON solution enables construction of a converged access network architecture enabling operators to offer residential, business and wireless backhaul services based on one common technology.

The WDM-PON Ecosystem consists of key equipment and component vendors offering a single point of access to the latest information on WDM-PON user experience, best practice and real-life business case examples. This informal group of industry leaders are committed as to the promotion of WDM-PON in fiber based network applications, advancing activity in a number of Standards bodies, and work towards practical interoperability of their members solutions.

Interoperability of hardware and software solutions is often the most significant barrier to wide-scale adoption of a new technology in a Ethernet fiber environment. The commitment of our members to interoperability testing is intended to ease the burden of pre-testing and shorten the evaluation cycle for our solutions. We also engage in frequent public interoperability demonstrations to show the viability of WDM-PON in real networks, running real applications.