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For the record: Dave filing on Big Telco Plan
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 22:02
Because Jules Genachowski deserves the truth about the subsidies he is proposing for the Big Telcos, I submitted this filing in 10-90.
The data justifying the Big Telco ABC Plan are b______ . Pennslyvania's State Commissioner Jim Cawley's comments below call them "Fiction worthy of James Bond."
Cawley: Big Telco ABC Plan "Fiction Worthy of James Bond"
Saturday, 06 August 2011 14:41
Anne_BoylePennslyvania Commissioner Jim Cawley calls the Big Telco ABC plan "Beyond outrageous. It has nothing for customers except higher bills. It would raise local rates as well as the SLIC and is a one sided deal" The heart of the Big Telco Plan is a claim they are massively losing money on rural lines they have in place. It's backed up by "model" they refuse to release. The "model" is obvious nonsense for existing lines, while contradicting the AT&T filings in the T-Mobile merger, numerous Verizon statements, and common sense.
Cawley, the lead state commissioner on the FCC Joint Board, recognizes "No responsible regulator would use this data until they release the actual model. It is fiction worthy of James Bond." He adds "We are going to have failed rural carriers and massive consolidation. There will be a major job loss in rural areas."
Nebraska Commissioner Anne Boyle said it like it is. "A lot of state regulators agree this isn't right. The Plan has no cost analysis. Industry does not have the right to take advantage."


I speak confidently after 12 years of reporting DSL and writing a book about it. The model is at least 200% higher and probably 500% higher than the actual costs of deploying 4 megabit broadband by these companies in these territories. Because it's secret, I don't know what errors or false assumptions are involved, but the difference between the costs here and those calculated by the national broadband plan are obvious. There is a small exception possible for a fraction of the Windstream and Century territory.

If those filing this proposal are maintaining this is a reasonably accurate model of the likely costs for the six companies involved, they are almost surely committing fraud and the FCC General Counsel should be investigating whether they should be barred from any FCC work. (I cannot prove anything because the data are secret.) Their companies should be significantly penalized.

They are
Robert W. Quinn, Jr.
Senior Vice President - Federal Regulatory
& Chief Privacy Officer
Steve Davis
Senior Vice President
Public Policy and Government Relations
Michael T. Skrivan
Vice President
FairPoint Communications
Kathleen Q. Abernathy
Chief Legal Officer and
Executive Vice President
Regulatory and Government Affairs
Frontier Communications
Kathleen Grillo
Senior Vice President
Federal Regulatory Affairs
Michael D. Rhoda
Senior Vice President
Government Affairs