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Telecom Money for Astroturf Heartland Money: Steve Largent, Jim Cicconi, Mike Rose
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 17:18
CTIA gives 120K, AT&T $100K, Comcast's Mike Rose a board member. Brian Roberts and Steve Ballmer probably don't believe global warming is a crackpot conspiracy, but they provide the money for Joe Bast's "Heartland Foundation," which fights against climate science across the world. Angered by how their anti-science lobbying on climate, someone leaked the money list. It's led by some of the usual suspects: AT&T, Comcast, and Microsoft, as well as Pharma and other lobbying shops. Heartland has found telecom a lucrative niche. Steve Largent's CTIA, the wireless association, was among the largest donors. Steve follows the lead of Verizon and AT&T. "AT&T's" name needs to be added to the title Heartland's publication "InfoTech & Telecom News." 
      "Publication bias" distorts the public debate. Paid advocates who claim not to be lobbyists hold seminars for Congressional staff, scatter opeds across the D.C. media, constantly send out press releases and file literally thousands of comments at the FCC each year. Out of about 15 speakers at a D.C. university event, I identified more than half with financial ties to the carriers. One once respected public official took $200,000 from Verizon according to a lobbying filing. The professor who organized the event I believe has taken as much as six figures from the carriers but never disclosed how much he's been paid. This goes on constantly. Karl Bode is disappointed to see ex-representative Rick Boucher preening for AT&T http://bit.ly/ycKHyx The formerly respected Boucher should probably be added to the “don’t feed the troll” list alongside Scott Cleland, ITIF, IIA and others. Shills multiplying AT&T's positions are so common in D.C. honest people are confused. 
       Does Julius even know how much his Chief Economist Marius Schwartz has been paid by AT&T? Every reporter should be asking questions like that.